Hi, I’m Chantill

I’m a Minnesota girl through and through. I was born and raised in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I love the seasons here especially the winter. There’s something so magical about the snow-covered landscape.

HI! I’m Chantill, a chef, entrepreneur, and mother to 10 of the world’s greatest treasures! I have dedicated my life to those that I love, and those that love to eat!

As I have often found in my own life, food has a unique way of uniting us, so my mission is to create simple meals that bring families together, and always leave them craving more!

The opening of our brick and mortar restaurant, in 1998, was a life changing experience for us all. The community that surrounded us quickly became family, and even after we closed our doors- the demand for our classic recipes has never slowed down!

The dishes that I share are ageless, family-friendly, healthy, and delicious- but most importantly, easy to follow! Whether you are a beginner or master chef, you will enjoy the simplicity of the process to an ever so decadent result. 

I’m so blessed to be able to share this part of my life with others that want to bond over a delicious meal, with those they love most. Let’s get to cookin!